Pot of Gold!

4:29 PM

I found inspiration for this at Yesterday on Tuesday.

Thank God for rock gardens! This craft would be sooo much harder if I had to go outside and dig thru the snow and frozen grounds for rocks. I went outside to my now melted rock garden, picked a few fine specimins, spray painted them a nice shiny gold and wallah gold pieces! For a pot, I found a plastic black planter in my garage, cleaned it off, and stuck a few glittery clover stickers on it and presto! (I found the stickers at Jo Ann's check out for a dollar for about 40.)  Since the pot was so big, I filled almost full with crumpled up newspaper and put my bits o' gold in! I LOVE it!
I also painted a bigger stone gold and wrote "lucky" on it:
Writing on a rock is hard! I'm not a big fan of the u and the c. This picture makes it look sort of awkward and ugly, But it's not THAT bad...
I found a little "friendship teapot" on some shelf and decided that it could join the fun! Here's my start of a St. Patrick's Day "matel." It's really just the top of a never used wood burning stove...
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3 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Cute idea!! - Karen


  2. Very cute! I like the lucky stone! Thanks for linking up!

  3. cute! i also love the lucky stone :)


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