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       No Sunday post today, I'll TRY my best to post something soon. But to post something, I actually have to make something. Which means I'm screwed.  I can read through tons of posts and scan through blog parties for some sort of idea to try... but I can't seem to create anything. I feel like the weather is reflecting my mood. Yuck. 

       I, unlike most lucky kids, am still in school. Just two more weeks... I can't wait to get some time off school and see all my friends! But wait! All my friends go to public school and are on break right now. I'm obviously excited for Easter Break...
        I decided to change my blog around a bit. So for all my uh loads of readers, yes, you've come to the right place! 
        Today, I bought my ticket for Mississippi. Did you know that its illegal to fly by yourself on some certain airlines if you're under 15? Well, it is. So after I finally found one that allowed me to go, I was happy to find that it was still around the same price. Only about $160 for an 8 hour plane ride. YAY! Not. I get to spend more time in the airports than I actually spend on the plane. I'm looking forward to that... Well I still have exactly two months from today to dread my plane ride. I get more than 2 hours to get to know the Dallas Airport but only 45 minutes for the Cincinnati one. Anyone that has flown out of either have any tips? 
         I'll be gone for 6 weeks. I probably will only be able to post a few quick notes maybe once a week. So up until then, I'll ATTEMPT to post like crazy. Be sure to NOT read all my posts now. You'll need something to read through later on when I'm not posting. I think I need to just write a bunch of drafts before I leave and I can just gradually post them. Or something like that.... 

So on a final note, I'll leave you with a picture of my laundry "helper"

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