Lazy Days

9:31 AM

       Hmmm. What to do on a lazy Saturday morning? It's WAY too cold and wet to go outside. Dreary weather isn't very good for inspiration. Nobody seems to be posting anything interesting this morning.
       We already had one of those nobody tells mom incidents. It's the second one we've had involving fire. Whoopsie... Well, at least nothing was exactly burned this time... just melted. We hid the evidence, so it's okay, right?
       All my friends decided to go enjoy the nice weather in Florida without me. Thanks guys!
       How about some more slightly inspiring photos? I'm all out of spring ones. Bear with me as I share some from the fall...

 Yes, that blob IS a chicken

Aren't dead worms inspiring?

Maybe a craft post later? I just need to motivate myself. Possibly a trip to the mall for some inspiration?

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