Happy Belated Easter!

8:57 AM

        I'm not just going to say "Happy Easter" post a picture and then that'll be that. I'll post more than one picture say a little more than "Happy Easter" and then that'll be that. Deal? Okay. It's a deal.
        Yesterday, I was busy going from one thing to the next. Church for what felt like an eternity (Only was an hour and a half, though. Urgh.) Petsitting and then going to see family. All in all, I had a great time.
     We shipped my sister off to St. Louis for a week with some aunt of mine. When the tornadoes hit my mom started to feel a little bad for it. Whoops! Thankfully they drove there and didn't fly or else they wouldn't be able to get back!
        I have an extremely large family, so family gatherings usually consist of a lot of people, food, and noise. This one was relatively small. HA. Only about 13 or so of my cousins came plus who knows how many aunts and uncles. That is barely half of them.

How about I just share some of the photos I took? 

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