Spring is here!

4:02 PM

How about a photo post? I haven't had one of those in a while.

My little, crazy, energetic bundle of sunshine, Lulu. 

My cutesy,  skiddish, sometimes loving, Apryl. Hey it's her month!

My shy polka-dot girl with eyes much bigger than her dots, Cora

My sometimes shy, lovely loner, Phoebe

My wonderful in-your-face, I'll stare you down, sweetie pie, Ava Leigh

I apologize to all my lovely ladies not pictured here: Sasha, Norah, Nadia, Alexis and Aubree. Sorry gals! I think I'll go brave the chilly weather to go enjoy the sunshine and take some more photos! Maybe a craft post later? I'm on SPRING BREAK, So of course I'll actually have time!

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  1. A blog with chickens in it? You got me!! They are so stinking cute!


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