Easter Eggs

1:26 PM

       After my mom decided it was time to take down Easter decorations (before Easter?), I decided to counter act her with a little Easter festivity. While mother was away, it was time for her children to play! I pulled out 2 dozen previously hard boiled eggs and me and my sister set to work! 

       Shhh don't tell her about all the spills... After they dried they stained the counter. Thankfully, after a LOT of scrubbing they did come off.
       And no, these eggs DIDN'T come from my chickens. We only have 1 white egg layer. Boohoo. It's a little hard to dye brown and green eggs. No one in my house will probably end up eating these. Once you taste farm fresh eggs, they say you can't go back to store bought.
     CONFESSION TIME! I don't really like eggs. They make me sick. I'll eat hard boiled and deviled but sunny side up, scrambled, or even in an omelet just make my stomach turn! Oh and I don't like homemade maple syrup either. Store bought is the best!

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