Creative Flower Pots?

11:07 AM

I always have wanted some creative flower pots. You know maybe some shoe pots like these:

But not these:

Though, I do LOVE this one!
I probably wouldn't go so far as this:

It's cute.... but I find it kind of weird.
I currently am starting some tomato seeds that we pulled off of a plant from last year. We had gotten a little teeny tiny plant at the 4-H fair. We had spread a little chicken manure around the garden and oh my did that plant grow!
That was it when I had to pull it out in the fall. WOWZA.
So maybe these little seeds are magic and will grow some wonderful tomatoes!

I really hope so! So, do you guys grow plants in any weird, creative, or unusual places? I want to hear about it all!

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1 Sweet little note(s)

  1. wow, how cool that your tomato seeds sprouted. there's nothing better than home grown tomatoes. Thanks for your sweet comments. I truly appreciate it.
    Have a beautiful Easter.


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