Felt Dahlias

3:47 PM

         I've seen people make these and I always thought they were too much work.... until I tried them. They're EXTREMELY simple! I found an easy tutorial at Holidash. I changed things up a little bit by not making the little photo frame part, using a button for the center, and using hot glue instead of liquid. I used less than a sheet of felt. You know the kind they sell with by all the glitter and stuff in rows and rows of 8" by 12" sheets. I got mine for around 30 cents at Jo Ann's.
Here's my completed flower:

        I've seen MUCH better dahlia's around blogland, but oh well. It was a first try. The glue actually isn't as noticeable in real life. Maybe I'll take an exacto knife and cut it off. I think I might just use it as a pin and just use a safety pin to attach it to a shirt or something. Not very big plans for it. Maybe I'll try making another flower in white. The glue might be less noticeable then...
The one thing about these is the fact that they're slightly time consuming. Yucky cold days are the best days to make these. I went through one CSI: Miami and a Degrassi episode just making one. 
I'm now going to go outside and continue to enjoy the first nice day of my spring break!

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  1. Pretty darn good! I love growing dahlia tubers into real full-bloomed dahlias, but I had never seen this kind of stuff about dahlias. You're good!


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