One step foreward...two steps back

1:06 PM

       I wasn't the one walking. It was mother nature! All the snow has been melted for a few weeks now and it was starting to get warm. First step back: temperature drops. Second step back: SNOW. Well if it's going to snow, I'll have to post some snowy pictures I never got around to sharing. It's a fair trade off. I guess. Not really but I'll post the photos anyways!

Did you know we tap our maple trees? Well you do now.

It's pictures like this that make me believe my girls are possesed. Thank you Alexis.

My sweetie pie Alexis (light brown) and Ava Leigh (dark brown). Oh and we can't forget miss Aubree in the background!

      My mom asked me why I never take pictures IN the cage? I told her that I like the caged look. Is that so wrong? Some of my girls can give the abused animal pity look but these ones just stare me down. And plus they're curious. Too curious. Flip flops, nail polish, sparkles, glitter, necklaces, cords, etc. aren't a good idea to wear around them. Cameras are no exception. So there you go, Mom. It protects my camera even though I put the lens right up to the bars. It's a lot easier to take a picture of a chicken when it's NOT in your lap.      
          Oh, and yes, I do have two coops. We can't let both coops out at the same time because the older girls pick on the younger ones. They're just like humans. So if it weren't currently below freezing, I'd be playing with them. But it is. So I won't.
        Goodness I need to stop rambling about useless facts. Feel free to ask me any chicken or maple syrup facts. I'm in a facty mood. Did you know that it takes around 30 gallons of maple sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. That's why I currently have almost 100 gallons of maple sap sitting on my patio, waiting for the weather to clear so we can continue to boil it.
       I'm not in a creative mood at all. Darn. HOPEFULLY a craft post later! I need to get a bunch of drafts so I can post them while I'm on vacation. A six week blog leave isn't exactly considerate to my readers is it? I think if I can get 100 followers I'll do a giveaway. That's fair? So go tell your friends to follow and I'll start crafting.
        My birthday is coming up and I'm currently attempting to think of a cold weather plan. A bonfire probably isn't going to work if we have snow less than three weeks before my birthday, now is it? Darn. Okay, NOW I need to stop. I'll go attempt to post something later. Sorry about my uncraftyness lately.

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