Happy Father's Day!

8:00 AM

For Father's Day, I decided to write a letter to my dad. Here it goes:

       Dear Dad, 

       Thank you. Thank you for the hours you've spent with me attempting to check my tear stained math homework in the midst of a breakdown. Thank you for attempting to help me study for Spanish even though you speak French and have no idea how to pronounce anything in Spanish. Thank you for going out at ten p.m. in the middle of winter to go and feed my chickens. Thank you for spending tireless hours teaching me how to use your tools and helping me make useless creations from your scrap pile. Thank you for randomly going out and buying me my very own scroll saw for reasons yet to be revealed. Thank you for building us our very own "tree house" that's really on stilts because the ground wasn't level enough near any trees. Thank you for building an entire chicken coop with your bare hands and helping me to create another. Thank you for loving me and Rachel with all you've got. I love you.

-Your daughter

So to all the daughters, wives, granddaughters and just plain friends out there, make sure you wish every father, every uncle, every grandfather, and every friend, 
Happy Father's Day!

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