Layered Father's Day Card

10:03 AM

       With Father's Day coming up, there's definitely some crafts for Dad flying around blogland.  I was looking for something creative to make my dad this year. I didn't want to just find a printable and color it in. Though, I do admit to doing that in past years. This year I was up for a challenge. HA. Sort of.
        I searched around the web for some ideas until I came upon a Layered Card for Dad. It was the whole nine yards right there, colored and all. I really liked the idea of how it had "DAD" spelled out in different layers of the card. Although, my printer wasn't such a big fan of all the ink in the printable.
        I knew I could easily recreate this so I set to work.

        I took three pieces of "coordinating" construction paper. That means that they didn't really match but it was all I had on hand. Anyway, I cut them all down to 6 inches hot dog style. Does that make sense? Just look at the pictures.
       I'm not going to describe hot to cut out the letters. Just looking at the pictures is self explanatory.

       Before I left for vacation, I asked my mom to put the card away and give it to my dad on Father's day. She set it down on our wood burning stove and said she'd put it away later. That was around June 2nd. I found out last night that not only had she not put it away but that he found it, read it, and it's now sitting in his apartment. Thanks, Mom! Well, Dad, don't expect a Father's day gift from me.
         Bu ton the bright side, it's better he got it early than not at all. I guess.

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  1. what a creative and sweet gift! thanks for sharing this with us, have a lovely weekend!



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