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6:00 PM

Today has been pretty great so far. I got back from my month long vacation to Mississippi this afternoon. Last night we had to find a hotel in the middle of no where because we had three screaming kids. Like bawling. Anyway, we were only 3 hours from home but everyone was way to tired. We went and surprised the kid's grandma at her office and she just about cried. It was too sweet. Then we went and surprised my mom at her office and went out to lunch. I was dropped off at a home I barely know. My dog seems a lot bigger and furrier.
        My mom decided to completely rearrange my living room/ dining room. That means every single piece of furniture found a new home and she even went so far as to change around all the pictures and even a tapestry. I liked things the way they were. Some things go... but others... uh yuck. She put a duck painting in her bedroom and moved the one that perfectly matched her bedspread into our living room. Why? I have no idea.
        Anyway, I came home to several packages just waiting to be torn open!

 I recently won a bottle cap necklace  from Bling is My Thing. Such cute packaging!

She even included a little Thank You note with a sweet handwritten message! Can't get better than that.

 Seriously, this picture does NOT do the necklace justice. I LOVE it. I've been wearing it along with another necklace I already had on around the house. I will only wear one in public, don't worry.

I also got all these gluten free goodies from Betty Crocker. It seriously included all my favorite things. Waffles, chocolate cake, and chocolate chip cookies. If you didn't notice, I like chocolate. A lot.

I found these Patriotic Fireworks from I heart naptime. I don't get how she had the patience to make a ton. I seriously was going mad by the time I was done. I love it though.

A little fairy had left some cookie dough in the fridge and I whipped them up. Yum yum, yum!

Please excuse the crappy photos. I seriously get annoyed when blogs have blurry photos. Urg. I lost my lovely DSLR camera on the plane and am very pleased (UH NOT) to say the airline has not been helpful whatsoever in finding it. I'm stuck with my dad's little freebie Cannon PowerShot A430. Truely, it's a piece of junk. You have to play with all sorts of buttons just to get a good picture.

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