The BEST peanut butter cookie recipe

10:42 AM

          If you are allergic to peanuts or hate peanut butter, I'm sorry for you. Just exit out of this page and forget you ever saw this recipe that yields a little piece of heaven.
          If you love peanut butter cookies, forget the above directions and keep reading!
          I think I've found the best peanut butter cookie recipe ever. I'm serious. Like this is no joke. Over at All Recipes, I found a joy.


I didn't take any of my own pictures. Sorry. I brought these on my class trip, intending to share the 3 dozen I brought. Instead me and my friends hoarded them for themselves. Whenever anyone complained that they were hungry, I just whipped out the box and handed them a few. Problem solved. Anyone who had them said they were amazing. I think I'll just have to agree. These babies are my new love. 

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