11:17 AM

       I really should be packing. Too bad I'm not. I'm about 90% packed and I have all day. I just have to shove my tennis shoes and the various presents I'm bring in my bag and zip 'er up.
           We decided to try out a new coffee place in town today. Nice people. Horrible coffee. Way too much expresso. Like way too much. I'm not even joking. I finished my coffee about two and a half hours ago and my hands are still shaking and my heart is racing.
       Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'm leaving for M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I! I'm flying for the first time by myself. I've flown before but not all alone. Oh great. I get two enjoy two layovers. Nice n' long ones, too. I actually get to spend more time on the ground than in the air. How exciting.
        Don't worry about me abandoning you guys, though! I've got a few drafts saved up that I'll publish within the next week. I also have a few surprises. Think guest posts. Here's some sneak peaks of what you can expect in the next week:

Excited? I AM. 

Wow. I should not have had that coffee.
Oh, and would anyone like to step forward and volunteer for a guest post? I'm gone for around six weeks. C'mon guys! The more the merrier :)

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