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6:00 AM

       I recently cleaned out my bookmarks list. You know? Delete all the sites, pages, and projects you don't need. Well I guess I was making room for the new. I actually cleaned out about 50 Facebook friends too and I'm not done yet. I seriously don't get why people need like 700 friends.

Friend of a friend I met once? Delete. 
Cousin's ex girlfriend? Delete. 
Kid who I used to go to school with three years ago and now never talk to? Delete.

       Anyway, I think I'll now take time to share all the new pages I book marked. More importantly, the FOOD. I love to bake. Cooking? eh. Not really a big fan. I make waffles, pancakes, soup, toast, mac n' cheese, ravioli, and anything on the George Foremen... But I prefer baking.

      Here's a glimpse into my "when I randomly feel like baking" list:

I've been getting into those cupcake shows and have really been wanting some cupcakes. These sound amazing.

I'm usually not a big brownie person due to a certain New Year's Eve brownie incident which led to food poisoning but these look so good! 

I've only tried making meringues once before but I think its time for a repeat! These look so delicious. I love when they're frozen. I'd like the think that these are "guiltless" cookies. 

My mom is one of those people that will throw random ingredients into a muffin tin or bread pan and hope it turns out. I might just have to share this one with her! It looks like something she would love! I think I might really like it too!

I love toffee. Did I mention I love it? My dentist isn't a very big fan of my love though. This just looks so good and the directions are so simple. I think this is a definite must try! 

      So go and put your current craft project on hold, it's time to pull out the sugar, eggs, flour, and chocolate and get baking.

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  1. Now you made me hungry and have to bookmark some more recipes!! ahhh!!


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