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Hi, Everyone! My name is Katherine from over at The Littlest Crafter and I'm so happy to be here today. When I saw that Maggie was looking for some contributors to her blog while she was away vacationing it up, I said, hey I could do that, sign me up!! Thanks for having me! :)

I'm very excited to share with you my Postcard Scrap Book, which I think is fitting since our little Maggie is traveling.

I was originally inspired by the Post Secrets books and one of my good friends, Paddington. I think everyone loves to receive snail mail, but in this day in age, it's easier just to send a quick email or Facebook message. My friend Paddington and I decided that we would be pen pals, even if we lived in the same city, so that we could receive some mail to brighten up our days. I can't believe that it was probably about 5 years ago that we started it.

As it turns out, Paddington ended up moving to Australia, then Russia, and now resides way over in South Africa so we continued our pen pal friendship! And lucky me, I receive a ton of postcards from all over the world!

Since I have had so many postcards, I wanted a way to showcase them. I decided I would make a scrapbook, and it could also be a form of a coffee table book for other people to look at when they come over. I know Paddington loves looking over it when she is in town for a visit. Strange as it sounds, I basically hold a diary of her travels!

The best thing about my scrap book is that you see the beautiful post cards....

And when you turn the page, you can see back of the postcard with the messages that people have written!

I basically took a piece of scrap booking paper, and traced my postcard. I then cut out the hole, a little smaller than what I had traced. I used some clear tape to hold the postcard in place. Once you slide it into those scrap book page protectors it's perfect.

I embellished my postcards with these little photo corners made out of metal that I bought at the dollar store. I think it came with 6 in a pack. But really you could add anything you'd like. 

The best thing about my friend Paddington is that she is very creative. She has sent some pretty neat things through the mail. One of my favourites is this Special K (that's her nickname for me!) post card that she cut out of the Special K cereal box! At first I thought it was junk mail, until I noticed it was her postcard!

Another one of my favourite postcards is this one from LuLu Lemon. It says it all. I used to have it hanging up at my desk at work. Paddington eventually bought me the same print in a poster, but sadly it is now out of print and you can no longer buy it. 

Thanks for reading my guest post, I hope you have enjoyed it! Have a lovely day, go on out and send some snail mail to your friends and family!
K. The Littlest Crafter

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